January -March 2019 Newsletter

Ministry Updates

By the grace of God, we have the opportunity to partner with a local church to train their church members, and raise up their future leaders. This church regularly reaches out to the youth in their communities, desiring to give them a place to grow in the Word and to develop as men and women of faith.  After talking with their pastors, they felt SMTI would be the perfect tool to do just that (and we believe so as well!).

As such, we began our first class with them this month, which we will continue monthly throughout the year, with a graduation in December.  We believe this will be a powerful asset to the church and pastors.  We look forward to sharing great testimonies with you from this work!

SMTI classes at RezLife Church Lubowa

Bulenga &Tororo

Pastor Tim Cross teaching in Tororo

Rev Sheree Tercyak teaching

Pastor Jeff Hall ministering in Tororo

At the end of January and beginning of February, we opened Term 1 classes in Bulenga and Tororo districts.  A total of 140 students attended these classes!  It is so beautiful to see the number of churches and regions represented in these classes, knowing that there is a powerful, lasting impact being made through each one of them!  We are very grateful to our visiting instructors: Pastor Tim Cross (MI, USA), Pastor Jeff Hall (MI, USA) and Rev Sherree Tercyak (OK, USA).  They surely blessed and imparted into the students through their ministering!

Brett’s Birthday Celebration

On February 5th, the student’s celebrated Brett’s 44th birthday in the Tororo school.  They even purchased a cake, sang to him and appreciated his work in their lives.  It was a deeply touching tribute and truly an enjoyable time!

Ministry In Apac

At the end of February and the beginning of March, Bro. Luke Eldridge from Cookeville, TN and I opened the Apac School in the northcentral region of Uganda.  In all, we have students from all corners of the country, from near Kenya, to near South Sudan, to near Congo!  These students performed exceptionally well last year, and they look poised to repeat that great testimony.  They pray for us and this ministry so diligently, that I’m sure God is moving on their behalf.  Grateful to partner with such a beautiful people!  Thank you Bro. Luke for your sacrifices to come, support our work and encourage our children.  We love you!

Bro Luke ministering in Apac

Bro Luke with Emma and Ethan

Finally, we are in the process of renewing our ministry’s NGO status.  We’ve successfully completed the financial audit required for extension.  We now just need to pay the fees to process the paperwork.  We are asking the government for a 5-year approval, which our team is confident we can achieve.  This will prevent us from having to do this again in a few years, and ensure our work permits can be extended throughout.  Please be in prayer with us that we are swiftly and easily approved.

Family Updates

Emma and Ethan traveled to Nairobi, Kenya for a basketball tournament with their school.  They both had wonderful times, and learned a great deal.  Despite the challenges they endured, they showed great poise and made their school (and parents) proud.

Up Next

We begin SMTI Buwama on March 19 and Lyantonde begins on March 25th.  Please pray for the students, classes and the team as we make preparations.

2019 is a great growth year for us as a ministry.  The LORD has been revealing more of His future plans to us through this process, which I will be very excited to share with you as He releases us to do so.  Please know that your prayers and support are absolutely essential to us as we face the growth opportunities with great confidence and assurance.

We love you and are asking God to continue to supply your every need!

In Jesus,

Brett, Bobbie and kids

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray with us over our NGO paperwork renewal. There are many more expectations of us as a ministry, so please pray with us for favor over every step in this work.
  • Pray for our team that arrives next Monday, for safe travels and effective ministry throughout their time with us!

Praise Reports:

  • We had a great time in the States for Christmas. Thank you again to the churches who sponsored our flights. Praying a hundred-fold return over those ministries!
  • SMTI Lubowa (Kampala) has started off very well. Praying that this church receives the full benefit of this teaching!
  • SMTI Bulenga and Tororo started off beautifully. Excited about all that God is doing in these schools!
  • Lastly, Apac SMTI classes launched wonderfully. What a beautiful people and a great work the LORD is doing in that region of the country!
  • Thankful for safe travel for all of our teachers this year. Despite flight cancellations (2 of them) and inclement weather, we have safety throughout. We give God the glory for keeping us safe!

Upcoming Events

Mar 16 – SMTI Lubowa

Mar 18-29 – Mission team here for SMTI Buwama and Lyantonde

April 16-19 – SMTI Apac

April 27 – SMTI RezLife Lubowa

April 30-May 10 – SMTI Bulenga & Tororo

May 18 – SMTI RezLife Lubowa

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