The Vision

Our Plan

Throughout our 5 years in Uganda, God has continued to reveal the needs of The Church and her members to us. Pursuant to that end, the LORD has given us this vision for the coming years:

1. Hosting SMTI Uganda – Supernatural Ministry Training Institute – a Bible school authored and provided by Dr. Mark T. Barclay (Midland, Michigan, USA). In 2016, we graduated 26 pastors and church leaders. We will increase that number to 110 graduates in 2017 and continue expanding the school across the country as the LORD leads.

2. Establish solid regional networks of pastors around the country, building strong, meaningful ministry relationships among ministers. We currently do this through our regional conferences as well as through our monthly ministry training meetings we call The Timothy Team. By gathering local pastors, we impart our ministry, knowledge and hearts into them. They, in return, take what they’ve learned, and impart, disciple and strengthen their own local churches.

3. Develop training centers in those regions, where we teach pastors and church leaders how to properly lead and disciple their flocks. We are currently in our first building project in the village of Tororo. This expansion will allow us space to come and teach in an environment that will help the pastors to study efficiently and grow in the Word!

4. Help build the Local Churches !!!