Our Story

Bobbie and I have been missionaries in Uganda since Aug. 2012, sent out by Pastor Chris McMichael and Engrafted Word Church in Cookeville, TN (engraftedword.org). In our first 2 years, we worked with a college/campus ministry in Kampala doing evangelism and campus outreaches, teaching discipleship, servanthood and leadership classes each week, as well as holding weekly youth services on Friday evenings.

In August of 2014, at the LORD’s directing to “get back in My churches, help My pastors”, I have been traveling around Uganda, ministering with trusted pastors and helping to strengthen Uganda’s local churches, both in the cities and in the villages. This has been accomplished through ministering in regional Leadership Conferences, teaching SMTI (a school of ministry for both pastors and lay people), and visiting churches (including refugee camps) to help teach the foundational truths of the Word of God. We work to train the untrained, encourage the discouraged and reach the unreached, all with the purpose of building strong local churches!

In addition to our pastoral & spiritual covering (Pastor Chris McMichael), we are members of Dr. Mark T. Barclay’s Righteous Preachers Network based in Midland, MI.